Curious Terrain's mission is to create products and experiences that help people to:

  • Appreciate places, wherever they are, with all of their senses;
  • Effectively communicate what they know about places, whether they be professional place-makers or concerned citizens;
  • Systematically analyze and understand why places are the way they are; and
  • Methodically apply the understanding they have gained to the process of designing better places.

Curious Terrain's first project is the Explorer's Deck, a creative tool for discovering and recording places. Future projects will build on the conceptual framework of the Deck, providing tools tailored to students, teachers and professionals in various disciplines including environmental design and research, planning, therapy, education, visual arts and writing.

My name is Jenny, and I am the founder of Curious Terrain. I love exploring places new and familiar, and designing products in two and three dimensions. My special super-powers are interaction design and writing, and I have formal training in landscape architecture and studio arts.