• February 2012


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I work as a software interaction designer, sitting in front of a computer for many hours a day. To break the two-dimensional spell and get my creativity flowing, I take short walks around the neighborhood, with a camera phone in hand and a Discover card in mind.


The Central Eastside Industrial District of Portland is still primarily a place of industry, filled with warehouses and workshops. A few old factory buildings have been converted into offices, many of them filled with small creative businesses like the one I work for. A handful of coffee shops and restaurants serve us worker bees. When I need a break from the computer screen, I often prowl the neighborhood with my phone camera.


Each time I go for a walk, I challenge myself to focus on a different theme. I pick a card randomly from the deck, or sometimes intentionally choose a card I haven't used in a while, or that seems particularly appropriate for the time of day, weather or mood.


Depending on the weather, I notice completely different things. For example, rain really brings out the surface textures and mood of the place, while sun highlights the building colors and the people.

Central Eastside Surprise

In a hard-working district, there are treasures everywhere, hidden in plain sight.

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