Curious Terrain is always on the lookout for intriguing opportunities to collaborate with professionals in a variety of disciplines. Have a project in mind? Please get in touch!

Education and Training

Curious Terrain is available to design and lead a hands-on, place-based activity for your next conference, studio, retreat, field trip, training session or brainstorming session.

Activities include Explorer's Decks and, as needed, customized activity sheets and workbooks. Pricing is based on group size, duration and complexity of the assignment.

Curious Terrain is based in Portland, Oregon but will consider travel to other locations.

Software Design

Do you need a specialized interactive tool for place-based data gathering, analysis and visualization? Do you have general requirements in mind, but need help synthesizing them into a clear and precise product vision?

With 10 years of experience in human-computer interaction design, Curious Terrain is uniquely qualified to collaborate on web, desktop and mobile software for environmental design, research and planning initiatives.


Would your research project benefit from Curious Terrain's unique approach to place-based discovery and communication? We seek opportunities to join research teams working in areas such as education, community participation, environmental design, mental and public health.